About Us

About Us


At Pallavi International School, Sagar Road, one of the top schools in Hyderabad, we focus on creating a learner-centric environment. We aim to achieve not only academic excellence but also the enrichment of humanity, wisdom, compassion, and global mindedness. We support our students to become lifelong learners, encouraging education that transcends the classroom.

We nurture our students into self-reliant and independent citizens. Pallavi International School, Sagar Road, offers various academic and extracurricular learning opportunities.

Our state-of-the-art campus spread over 4.5 acres, includes cricket and football fields, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, and a swimming pool, allowing our students to excel in all life spheres.

The school consistently advances through the efforts of our students, dedicated faculty, and collaborative parents.

About Us

Why Pallavi

At Pallavi International School, Sagar Road, the dynamics of the “teaching-learning” process are continually updated to meet the needs of today's children. Acknowledging that past methodologies may no longer be suitable, we have adapted our teaching strategies to keep pace with modern advancements and competitive demands. As a leading school in Hyderabad, Pallavi International School prepares students to be creative innovators with scientific mindsets, logical thinkers, and entrepreneurial visionaries. We emphasize creating a nurturing environment both in school and at home, with parental involvement being crucial to a child’s success. The effective collaboration between parents, students, and teachers lays a solid foundation for a future shaped by the students themselves. We invite you to actively engage in your child's education, fostering healthy learning habits and positive attitudes.

“Knowledge is Liberation.” With a commitment to creating outstanding students, the Pallavi Educational Society launched the Pallavi Model School in June 1994. For over three decades, we have maintained high academic standards with a carefully designed and advanced curriculum. Incorporating diverse elements like sports, laboratories, libraries, and the arts, Pallavi has established itself as a successful educational institution. Our Sagar Road campus continues this legacy of excellence.

About Us

Our Approach

William Arthur

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

-William Arthur Ward

At Pallavi International School, we are equipped with all the advanced equipment and teaching aids but believe that it takes a teacher to teach the student. The teachers at Pallavi International School are not just academically qualified but are also empathetic towards the child. Parent-faculty interaction will be encouraged for monitoring and improving the child’s progress in school. Pallavi International School has a strong team led by the Principal, Vice Principal, Headmistresses, and Pre Primary In-charge. They are tasked with establishing a collective vision for school advancement, initiating change to spark innovation, assuring student learning.